travel: white water rafting in cagayan de oro, philippines

lunod river raft1

For Php700, we tried the intermediate raft course of 14 rapids. There was just too much danger that we regretted not getting 21 rapids!! So If you’re planning a trip to Cagayan de Oro (CDO), then it is imperative that you meet the 7, 14, or 21 rapids!! Trust me, at the end of the ride, you will simply ask for more and 21 might not be enough to satisfy your inner watersport god.

Courtesy of a recommendation from our friend’s mom, Mrs. Edmilao, we sought the services of Great White Rafting (find their website here). At Php700 you get 2 tour guides along with you on the river rafting boat and 2 more holding your camera (and becoming your photographer) on a separate narrower inflatable boat.

The adrenaline rush was awesome! And what was even more awesome was that our guides made us ride the narrower boat for 2 rapids! Scary shit but something to tell my kids and grandkids about. Fun fact about the white water adventure in CDO is that some rapids are named after the people who died there while doing the white water adventure.

There was this one take about a couple whose wedding was the next week and just thought it fun to do some adventure first. During the ride, the boat capsized and the bride got stuck in one of the rocks there. Her body was found floating the next day.

If you’re low on budget, there’s another rafting company that I forgot to take note of the name. It was somewhere in the heart of Cagayan de Oro City with the big tarpaulin. They offer the rafting for around Php500. That’s a lot saved, although they say that you only get one tour guide on the boat for that (i’m not sure). But it’s worth a try or an even just an inquiry.

More photos of this amazing adventure in this album!


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  1. Xyline says:

    Awesome photos! I will contact you when I have questions about budget travel in CDO!

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