travel: nostalgic about kuala lumpur, malaysia

I went to KL for an internship last May 2014. It was my first time travelling abroad by myself and I was more excited than I was scared.

10 awesome things I miss about KL:

1. The infrastructure

2. The architecture

3. The places of worship

Sneak Peek into the National Museum!

4. The clean streets (even with vandals)

5. The free bus


I got lost for 2 weeks first before I got the hang of this!


The cliche tourist spots

7. The language.

It took me some time to realize that Menara was not some building name or some tycoon’s. It was the word “building” itself  in Malay. So definitely, calling an infrastructure “Menara” building would be redundant.

8. The towers.

Srsly, what’s up with Malaysia and towers?

9. The food

I just love noodles and Neslo! Too bad I can’t remember the names of all I’ve eaten. should’ve made this blog sooner haha!

10. The awesome tourism center

It’s complete with maps and instructional guides! Sometimes they give out free concerts too!

All photographs used are the author’s own.


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