thoughts: on braces

I have had my braces for approximately 4 years already. I am not proud of it, especially that I have arrived at an age when I should have moved on from my teeth to more of personality development. A friend once commented: “why do you wear braces now? University is supposedly mating season!” (Well, ideally)


Now I even think my teeth are  worse that before. And I need to pay every time I get something done.

My molar tooth needs filling in. I had my canine uprooted as it was too damaged to be still alive. The doctors asked me if I wanted to undergo root canal or just have it uprooted. I researched online and surmised that having it uprooted may be the better option as having root canal may also break the teeth, be more painful, and result to uprooting (so why not just go straight to the end goal right?)

I look at myself in the mirror and see some Ugly Betty wanting to bloom but cannot because of these metal brackets getting along the way. I look at my pictures and see big metal smiles everywhere, if not that bulging closed mouth one. It doesn’t help that I have curly hair and glasses.

Sometimes I think people don’t take me too seriously because I have these brackets on. But sometimes I also think that these metal brackets that I so despise now allows me to still look younger than my years (as in my country, mostly teenagers wear braces).

But I can’t just ask the doctor to speed up the process right? In order for something to be well done, there must be gradual change. Patience here is greatly needed. I am not in a rush, or at least I try not to be. But I just hope my teeth will be free soon and that all those pain, effort, and money would not be wasted.



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