My newfound appreciation for brown sand beaches: on Patio Victoria, Tacloban

Dropped by Patio Victoria in Tacloban just right after the sun rose at around 7 in the morning. The curved beachline was stunning! (which was I think from the renovation) — something that before was but sea and a shore of debris.

Despite the more popular white-sand beaches, Patio Victoria still remains a go to for beach goers (mostly Taclobanons) who prefer the ease and convenience of a nearby beach than soldier half a day’s land and boat ride to the much farther white sands of Leyte and neighboring islands Samar & Cebu.

Right after Haiyan, people remember Patio Victoria as that resort with several upturned vehicles parading the entrance. It became a temporary shelter for some of the survivors.

Patio Victoria has undergone “kintsugi” – the japanese have their way of making something broken much more beautiful than it was even before being damaged.

That small lone island, said to be owned by the Romualdez, still stand proudly at the middle. It was used as a hideout during World War II. There is an underground tunnel connecting Patio Victoria to that island and the entrance could be found right before entering the resort buildings.

It actually gave me a newfound appreciation for volcanic sand beaches. It forms a sort of contrast and blend with my skin.


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