travel: 5 things not to miss in boracay, philippines

I love vacationing with my family (mostly because it’s all expenses paid ).

Our pictures in Boracay have always been my all-time favorite (even though I did not look quite as fabulous).

The trip to Bora was a graduation gift from my parents. People love Boracay for its soft sand. It is cited by T&L as having one of the softest sand in the world. For me, I don’t think the sand is soft everywhere, especially that some part of the island is somehow littered with trash. Moreso, I have not been to countless beaches (so far) outside the Philippines. But try to feel the sand in the middle of station 2 and station 3 and you might feel some difference.

Here are the things that SHOULD not pass up in Boracay:

1. Walk along the coast and traverse all stations. You could probably do this in half a day. 

2. Try different water activities such as parasailing and banana boat riding. 

3. Mango shake! The Philippines is known to have one of the sweetest and aromatic mangoes. 

4. There’s nothing more beautiful than sunset in Boracay with the fambam!

5. Enjoy the pools of surrounding hotels and resorts. Here is a walk through of our resort in Boracay.


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